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Mission and Values


Dedicated to the realization of potential and,

to the enhancement of well being – for ALL


We believe…


  • We are all equal, we all have potential.
  • OpenLeaf is a non-religious organization.
  • All life is connected.
  • The feelings of ill health, pain and suffering are the same for all, so too is… joy, passion, fulfillment and purpose.
  • The secret of life is to learn…


… to learn how we can be, all that we can be.

That we are all on the same team, and…
ALL looking to live and experience the very same thing;

A happy, healthy and fulfilling life,
that has passion, purpose and meaning at its core.




What we offer here is…


A step by step way that not only offers just that…
but also, incredibly, is applicable to all, no caveats*


*So we know it is right… If you are alive, you have potential. Make the right decisions… and YOU are able to create and experience ALL that you so truly want – the framework we use, derived from a Noel Walker’s revolutionary line of thinking, enables you to do just that. For an overview, click the Get The Life You Want Pocket Guide FREE TO VIEW course (via menu), and see for yourself or just click here.



Difference between life coach and mentor 


A Mentor is someone who is able to see something in an individual that they themselves (as yet) cannot. Something… that they are able to become or experience (as a result of them realizing their potential). The relationship experienced enables the individual to gain through;

  • Encouragement,
  • Guidance and
  • Clarity (of understanding).

It is also a relationship that can take the individual into new territories and so too, onto greater self discovery. Consequently, a truer sense of purpose, fulfillment and a clearer meaning (to life) naturally arises as a result. In a nutshell, a mentor not only adds uniquely to an individual’s life by adding greater clarity, purpose, and passion but they also do so via inspiration – a result of the mentor just being who they are.


A Life Coach will work with an individual in the belief that the individual already knows, in some way, what it is they want. The individual is just not clear as to what it is, or if they do, not sure how to bring that want about. The role a Life coach plays is one of asking the right questions and then putting forward a plan of action in order to bring those wants about – and they do so, by setting them down as goals.

The difference between the two, a Mentor achieves what they do by being who they are coupled with insight and subtle support, a Life Coach does so through an plan of action.


OpenLeaf’s Mentors incorporate the best of both worlds, they blend those roles because doing so is the fastest way of getting someone the life you so truly want. Our Mentors know the frame work open to them, the interconnectedness of all (that is experienced) and the part that each has to play – they know (ultimately) the life an individual is born to experience (a happy, healthy and fulfilling one which has purpose, meaning and passion at its core), and when coupled with a tailored plan of action, they can take that person from where they are now to experiencing the life they so truly want, or put it another way, to living the life they were ultimately born to experience – in other words to be all they can be.


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