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  • Discover the ‘real’ you
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  • Find Purpose, Prosperity & Direction
  • Discover how to live in the present
  • Experience greater joy, confidence & vitality
  • Understand why you exp. what you do
  • Live a happier and more rewarding Life
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  • Have all of the above.

What we offer is…

A revolutionary, practical, all encompassing, step by step way of enabling you to get the life you so truly want. Read the reviews below.

Look upon our Mentors and Coaches as driving instructors – just ‘life’ orientated here to get you from where you are now… to where you want to truly be and in the shortest time. See our FAQ’s.

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Our books cover a variety of topics but why not start with the ‘Get The Life You Want’ Pocket Guide Course. The perfect overview to a revolutionary line of thinking. Discover how & why we are able to do what we can.


Once enrolled, we’re here to help. FAQ’s, private messaging, online lectures through to 1 to 1 sessions. Dive deeper into topics or get more tailored answers. Also, interact with other course participants if you wish.


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Welcome Irrespective of where you currently are in life, we’re here to help you discover your optimal path.

Decisions – making the right ones?

Getting the life YOU so truly want. Discovering how to make the right decisions is a combination of many things,...

What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • Having already read the main book Get the Life you Want (GTLYW), which I refer to over and over, it was very refreshing to read this excellent and concise pocket guide as it enhanced my understanding on the main topics and messages. The book is easy to follow and lays everything out in bite-sized chunks. I also love the pace of the pocket guide – as I got further into it, it made me want to read it faster due to the exciting way that the author introduces the concepts one by one. At the end it leaves you knowing that it is actually all possible for you to discover how you can be all that you can be, and therefore get the life you want. I would highly recommend.
  • After losing my partner I was at a very low point in my life with no real direction. Noel Walker changed all that. Rather than stagnating in grief, I am now realising my dreams. As they say, the key to true happiness is discovering how to live our dreams. Don’t ever let negativity stop you from pursuing your right to a happy and full life. This pocket guide goes everywhere with me and has certainly shown me how to get the most out of life and live every day to the full….
  • The ‘Get the Life You Want’ pocket guide is a great book, full of tips, exercises, tools and techniques for getting your life back on track and keeping it there. It is bursting with information which is broken down into bite- sized chunks, with a useful summary at the end of each section. Buy it and you won’t be able to put it down!
  • “I expected a book full of the annoying language of positive books, but I was very much surprised by the author’s logical approach, which actually makes sense every step of the way. A lot of things make sense once you read this book, it’s truly enlightening.”
  • This is an interesting book and takes you through the process of understanding where you are with your life, career, and hobbies. If you just feel that you are plodding through life, you’ve got a job but it’s just a job it doesn’t inspire you just go in every day for the money. Noel gets you to think about where you are now in your life, what you want, then helps you move towards your goals, whatever they might be. Noel explains how you can make the right decisions to move your life and ambitions forward towards your dreams. If your esteem is low then Noel explains how you can boost it with some simple ideas. Your self esteem is vital to you achieving your goals. At the end of the book Noel brings it all together and explains how you can take what you have learnt and move forward. I would recommend this book, if you have got stuck and don’t know which way to turn or you are sure that there is more to life, you have a dream but you don’t know how to turn it into reality, this is the book for you.
  • Get the Life you Want is a journey which will change your mindset and outlook on life. I set out to learn and absorb the key messages from this book, but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of messages and concepts that are packed into this almost 300 page book. I have already implemented into my life, some of the changes suggested and in such a short space of time I am feeling more hopeful and excited about my future and now have techniques to overcome all sorts of issues such as stumbling blocks, decision making, worry, guilt and most importantly how to be happy forever. When coming across a stumbling block, I have started asking myself “what have I got to learn from this situation?”. It’s amazing how it works and I’ve even tried teaching my children this too i.e. suggesting that they don’t cry if they can’t do something, but to instead try and work it out. Also career and other opportunities that have recently come my way I possibly would have shied away from, had I not been armed with the knowledge in this book. Get the Life you Want is best read from start to finish as it builds upon your knowledge chapter by chapter. Remember to take note of any important repetition as this is key to what you will take away from this book. Don’t worry that you may have already heard some of the advice given, but instead learn from it as it’s all part of the bigger picture which will be revealed to you step by step as you work through the book. Overall, an excellent read which I thoroughly recommend. It’s definitely a book that I will remember and refer to for many years to come. Thank you
  • “An easy read, didn’t quite know what to expect, thought provoking. Have recommended to family and friends.”
  • Enlightening. Positive. “Get The Life You Want” – Buy the book!
  • Where to begin. Knowing that we have potential AND the keys to realising it. That the life we experience, we have a hand in creating. Seeing how it all connects and importantly why – enlightening. Knowing also now how to get the life I want – a breath of fresh air. We would all do well to read this.