Get The Life I Want… sounds too good to be true?

The opportunity to experience passion, purpose and vitality – quite simply, fulfillment; to have all you truly want and more (from relationships to ‘health, wealth and happiness’) and lastly, to be able to experience all… on an ongoing basis… See for yourself. Read and follow a REAL life blog – a mother of 2 and her experiences click here. Then check out the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself.


If it was really possible, wouldn’t we all be living perfect lives?

A fair question, and it is the very one that motivated the founder to keep going because even though with all that is around, the information, the opportunities… only a very few, in truth, actually experience those full and rewarding lives, for everyone else it’s just a dream but he knew it must be possible and so kept on until he found that logical, reasonable, all encompassing explanation – and what he found, is also applicable to all. Check out the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself, there is no obligation or catch.


Why was OpenLeaf founded?

To get the information, Noels work, into your hands… for you to see for yourself – and to be there to work with you, if that is, you wished to accelerate the process. To see our Missions & Values – click here

There are so many self help books and courses out there promising much BUT in reality, little changes (unfortunately) the reason being, they don’t definitively answer those fundamental questions of ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’s it all for’ nor do they link everything together. Sure they address various elements but certainly not all nor importantly, the true framework we have open and available to us – wouldn’t you like to know how to bring about the things you want, the life you’d so truly love to have? Now you have the opportunity to do just that.


Read the book, can’t I just get on with things and get myself a Mentor/Coach?

Yes you can… but we would strongly advise and suggest you do the Get The Life You Want pocket guide Course first, or at least give it a go, as it will give you the perfect overview, a solid foundation and the answers you need! However, we do appreciate that many people;

  • Just do not have the time to read it;
  • Find talking it through suits their style better or;
  • Because of a recommendation, they just want to get on with things.

That’s fine but we would still recommend you get yourself a hard copy, if you only to refer too! Check out the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself, there is no obligation or catch.


How long does it take for me to get the life that I want?

You will know usually within the first 1 – 2 FastTrack sessions exactly what you need to do, and what it is you need to address in order to get the life that you want. Some the changes are incredible quick but usually, it’s within 2 to 3 weeks, and truly significant ones a few weeks after that.


What is so different about OpenLeaf’s Mentors/Coaches?

Our process is an all inclusive methodology. We work from a framework that is all encompassing because we know the necessary connections required can only ever come about after one has gained a greater understanding as to how ALL is connected. Why?

Because we all know, deep down, if you want to be truly happy, then this must be reflected in ALL areas of your life, for example one cannot be happy… and unwell, or have the ‘perfect job’ and a disastrous relationship and so on.

So, irrespective of whether your current issue is related to:

  • Work;
  • Relationships;
  • Self-image;
  • Health;
  • Life fulfillment;

Or any other area where you are not experiencing joy, it makes no difference. Everything is connected; consequently we address all areas of your life. For a more detailed understanding, check out the lower part of our Missions & Values page – click here


What will an OpenLeaf Life Mentor/Coach do for me?

They are here to teach, inspire, guide and work with you in order to get you the life that you want. Look upon them as a ‘best friend’, a ‘sounding board’, as ‘life’s driving instructors’.


Will I have to keep coming back?

No, once your understanding is increased along with the decision making process we will teach you, it will last you a lifetime. But importantly, you also need to appreciate that once you discover your niche in life, the thing that you are passionate about doing – you won’t need anything else because you will find yourself being intrinsically driven to do the things that you do, consequently you will automatically find yourself moving along the right path (for you). Check out the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself, there is no obligation or catch.


How much does it cost?

This is a difficult question to answer as it is dependent upon progress and the number of sessions you have with a Mentor/Coach. The thing is, you only pay for what you need. That’s it. There is no contract or any hidden charges and although it is often less, it is worthwhile taking a moment or two out to consider what it is you are in fact investing in, the answer is, you, and then quantifying what it is you are looking to get in return; a life that you so truly want, a result of you living your life in a way, that enables you to realise your full potential!

But this is also why we put together the Online Courses – do those first, and then take things from there. You may find that you just don’t need those 1 to 1 session because all now falls easily into place because this is the way Noel’s designed and structured them. Check out the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself, there is no obligation or catch.


Can I really get the life I want?

Yes, now you most certainly can.

Why and how?
Because you have the potential to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life – it is after all, what we all strive to do. All you need to do is discover how to do so… that is it. And that, incredibly, is all down to the decisions you make. Understanding how to make the right ones is exactly what we, at OpenLeaf, will show you how to do because all that you experience has resulted from decisions that you have made..

Consequently, if you’re happy with something then equally, it is all in your hands – just alter the decisions you make… it really is as simple as that. The hard part is understanding if the decisions you make, are in fact the right ones for YOU – and that is easily sorted through increasing your understanding as to the true framework available to you. Hence the online courses. Check out the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself, there is no obligation or catch.


Suggested format?

1) Gain an overview

Check out the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here then do the ‘Get The Life You Want’ online pocket guide Course – ONLY £9.99.  Gain an overview (as to how everything connects). This little guide covers it all; the framework open to you through to how you too can bring about the life you so truly want (see customer reviews).

See how it all connects, importantly, discover why it works.

Doing the GTLYW pocket guide course will show you WHY we are able to do all that we say we can, and critically, understand WHY and HOW you are able to get the life you so truly want – it really isn’t wishful thinking AND it is far easier, and closer, than you think.

To start, do the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself, there is no obligation or catch.


2) THEN… Enrol on our 5 week online program – FastTrack

Discover how to accelerate the process, tailor it to you and implement effectively. You will also have the option to either study on your own or join others in a virtual classroom either way, you will experience a step by step program designed to enhance your knowledge, access your situation and in so doing, help you bring about those significant changes (with ease). Plus… there will be an assigned Mentor on hand, there to help and answer any questions.

The FastTrack online course was designed specifically to get you from where you are now to where you wanted to be in the most cost effective way, and importantly of all, in the shortest possible time.


3) One to One Mentoring and Coaching

‘Sounding boards’, ‘best friends’ & ‘motivators’ have all been terms commonly used. They’re here to work with you. Getting you from where you are now to where you want to be, and in the shortest time. Complete the FastTrack program and the hard work is done but they’re also here to work with you on a personal basis, if need be. Look upon them as driving instructors, just life orientated!


What next?


‘There cannot be too much Joy’ – Spinoza


Remember Einsteins definition of insanity…


Doing the same thing…
and expecting a different result.


So… if there is something you’re not happy with, you’re stuck in a rut, feeling down, don’t know which direction to go in, job to go for or you simply just can’t get the answers, work or relationships you want the list goes on… use this opportunity today to change things. Do the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here and see for yourself, there is really no obligation or catch.


You will kick yourself when you see just how much you already intuitively know... coupled that with those few missing pieces (which you will get from the GTLYW online pocket guide course) and things will just click. To start, view the Get The Life You Want FREE video – click here.


It’s all laid out and logically so but, this is the reason why once you are aware of WHY and HOW all connects coupled with the hand you have to play… things then happen, and it is all because of the decisions you are now able to make.