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The perfect overview…


… of Noel Walker’s revolutionary line of thinking.


This Course will change your life.

What you will discover is just how connected ALL is…

OpenLeaf - ALL is connected

And the impact your decisions have in bringing about ALL that you experience. Make the right ones and YOU will get the life you so truly want. Take a look and see for yourself.


In just 1 hour you will discover…

  1. The true framework we are all able to operate out of
  2. How all interconnects and
  3. Discover how to get back onto the path you were so truly born to experience*


Topics covered in the 5 part course…

  1. First things first…
  2. So, why is this course so different?
  3. The objective
  4. Setting the stage (Including what this course is going to deliver)
  5. Operating within the physical realm!
  6. Clarification of our Life Objective
  7. The beginning!
  8. Motivation
  9. So… what is? (the ultimate)
  10. How… ? (is it really possible…)
  11. The key to a fulfilling life
  12. Motivation vs. Incentive
  13. Health
  14. How do ‘Limiting beliefs’ arise?
  15. Limiting Beliefs vs. True Beliefs
  16. So, ill health
  17. 3 Useful exercises
  18. Our current understanding
  19. ‘Who we are’ & ‘Our reason for being’
  20. ‘Freewill’ & ‘Destiny’
  21. Why then do we make so many incorrect decisions?
  22. So how is this stopping us getting the life we want?
  23. The point of power is NOW
  24. But just as we are learning, so too is life through us. (DNA – our genes)
  25. DNA – our genes (and birth)
  26. In essence, the way things are… In a nutshell
  27. A Happy, Healthy & Fulfilling Life!
  28. Getting the life you want
  29. All is connected
  30. Accelerating the process


*The rewards that arise from doing so… in short is the life you so truly want. A happy, healthy and fulfilling one… that has passion, purpose, meaning at it’s core. Where you experience relationships that are so ideally matched, along with direction and… the ability to bring about all that you so truly want from finding work you love through to life style.

Discover what the real you is truly capable of….


All that, how all is connected… and so much more.


Try out the pocket guide course, discover why and how all is possible and importantly, why… if you’re not yet living the life you so truly want, the opportunity really is there for you to do so.


Noel Walker’s revolutionary line of thinking will not only strike a chord but.. you will also discover what it is you able to do and that, bizarrely, the life you so truly want and opportunity to do so… is in front of you, it has been there all along but you’re current thinking means you are blind to most of what is there for you, all because you’re not joining up the dots correctly!


Take the course, it will give you the complete overview;

  • What is out there for you,
  • What it is you are able to be and do and lastly
  • How you are able to bring ALL about, from relationships to lifestyle.


Get the life you so truly want…

the one you were born to experience.

In 1 hour – you too, will discover why and how all is possible.



The opportunity to put it ALL into action via the

GTLYW – FastTrack program!

A 5 week, easy to follow, step by step, online, mentored program.


So now... do the ‘Get The Life You Want’ online pocket guide course and see for yourself.

Scroll up and click on  ‘Start Course’


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Noel Walker

Noel has spent his life perfecting his interest in philosophy combined with his true passion of helping people. Author of 2 book 'Get The Life You Want' and GTLYW pocket guide'. No mean feat for a man kept busy in his early years working as a recruitment consultant and parenting! Founder of ‘OpenLeaf’ and ‘OL Publishing’. It was his drive to discover a logical and reasonable explanation as to the way things truly are, and how we, the readers, can gain from his valuable insights and benefit from his revolutionary line of thinking and concepts. In 2017 Noel released his online 5 week, mentored FastTrack program to help you get the life you so truly want, in the shortest possible time. Now is the time for YOU to get the answers you require, and start living the life you so truly deserve!