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The 5 week course…


So, pocket guide struck a chord? Great.

Want to bring it all about in the shortest possible time?


The Get The Life You Want (GTLYW) FastTrack course is designed to do just that. It is a 5 week online, mentored course specifically for those who want to accelerate the process.

This online course is the best of both worlds, a very cost effective step by step program coupled with interactive help. Of course, the opportunity for 1 – 1 sessions is still there if a little more clarity is required.


So what’s covered…

Week 1

  • Unit 1 – Overview
  • Unit 2 – The way things are
  • Unit 3 – Getting the life you want
  • Unit 4 – Relationships, get the ones you want

Week 2

  • Unit 1 – Overview
  • Unit 2 – Understanding the following
  • Unit 3 – Discovering your passion part 1
  • Unit 4 – Discovering your passion part 2
  • Unit 5 – Wants & Goals

Week 3

  • Unit 1 – Overview
  • Unit 2 – Getting the things you want
  • Unit 3 – The flow of life

Week 4

  • Unit 1 – Overview
  • Unit 2 – Understanding our experiences
  • Unit 3 – Health, accidents & suffering

Week 5

  • Unit 1 – Overview
  • Unit 2 – Making things happen…
  • Unit 3 – Decision making & probable paths
  • Unit 4 – The way forward…


The life you so truly want is there for you.

The FastTrack program is designed to follow on from the Get The Life You Want online pocket guide course. Designed to help you discover exactly what you need to do in order to get you from what you are experiencing now to experiencing what it is that would resonate so deeply with you – the life you so truly want, and in the shortest possible time.

Although the course is designed for you to work through… in an easy, fun, step by step manner, groups are overseen by mentors who are here to answer questions, clarify and guide. Whether you choose to work individually or as a group, communicate with your mentor publically or privately, email or phone we will always try to accommodate your style if we’re able to, it can get very busy at times! But that aside, OpenLeaf is all about making the difference. We’re here to help.

And lastly… before you watch/listen to the videos that follow, although the ‘Get The Life You Want pocket guide’ course will have given you a very comprehensive overview we have found that having a copy of the paperback version has helped many considerably.


If you would like a copy of the…

‘Get The Life You Want pocket guide’ BOOK and live in the UK click here. Outside (of the UK) then click here (will open a new window) and we can let you know how to get yours.




PLEASE NOTE to take this course…


You will need to have viewed the FREE ‘Get The Life You Want’ video first,

THEN taken theGet The Life You Want pocket guide’ online course ONLY £9.99

WHY? Because ALL courses are linked!


So, if you haven’t done so as yet, no problem…


to watch the FREE pocket guide video first click here.

Let us show you HOW and WHY it works first.



  • Enrolment onto the 5 week Course

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    Welcome to the GTLYW 5 week FastTrack Course
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    GTLYW 5 week Fastrack Course overview
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    GTLYW 5 week FastTrack Registration
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Noel Walker

Noel has spent his life perfecting his interest in philosophy combined with his true passion of helping people. Author of 2 book 'Get The Life You Want' and GTLYW pocket guide'. No mean feat for a man kept busy in his early years working as a recruitment consultant and parenting! Founder of ‘OpenLeaf’ and ‘OL Publishing’. It was his drive to discover a logical and reasonable explanation as to the way things truly are, and how we, the readers, can gain from his valuable insights and benefit from his revolutionary line of thinking and concepts. In 2017 Noel released his online 5 week, mentored FastTrack program to help you get the life you so truly want, in the shortest possible time. Now is the time for YOU to get the answers you require, and start living the life you so truly deserve!